Frequently Asked Questions

No, You do not have to invest in order to get paid. But if You buy higher membership and rented referrals, You will earn much more and faster..

We use Payeer, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Litecoin.

You will find a '' Banners'' click option on my account page, in the left panel. There is the place where you may find your tools for promotion. Use them to get direct referrals.

Click Login from the menu, and click the link 'Forgot your password?'

Referrals are users like you who have registered in BestCashClick.

There are two types of referrals:

- Direct Referrals: These users registered using your username as their referrer.

- Buy Referrals: You can buy referrals on BestCashClick, they are like direct referrals. They will be for lifetime.

But you can buy for your own risk, because we not control human clicks....

- Rented Referrals: These users registered without a referrer.

You can rent them. Rented Referrals: You can rent referrals monthly (30 calendar days) to work for you.

The quantity of referrals available will vary depending on how many users registered without a referrer.

Note: Rental referrals on our site are 100% active and do not need to be recycle them.

The AutoPay is a very popular option among the members who work with RR. It is used for maximizing the profit from the RR for a certain period of time, that is usually longer than 20 days. When the Autopay is switched on, it adds for 1 day to the RR expiry date. It works only when the RR is active and when you have enough funds in your Purchase Balance.

The starting price depends on the amount of rented referrals you have.

Referrals Monthly Autopay
0 until 250 0.15 0.0045
251 until 500 0.16 0.0046
501 until 750 0.17 0.0048
751 until 1000 0.18 0.0051
1001 until 1250 0.19 0.0054
1251 until 1500 0.20 0.0057
1501 until 1750 0.21 0.0060
Over 1750 0.22 0.0063
Days Discount
30 2%
60 5%
90 10%
150 18%
240 25%
365 30%

The AVG of the RRs:







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